TLR Fellows

Fellows of Texas Lodge of Research (TLR) represent a distinguished group of Texas Freemasons who have been active in Masonic research during their careers. The Laws of the Grand Loge of Texas allows TLR to elect one Full Member in any given year to the honorary title “Fellow in Masonic Research” with the approval of the Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Education and Service.

The honor is for recognition of distinguished service and accomplishments in researching, writing and publishing the history, symbolism and philosophy of Freemasonry. Each of the Fellows in Masonic Research have distinguished themselves in the field of Masonic research by writing and publishing a number of insightful and well-researched papers, articles and or books on the subject of Freemasonry over a period of years.

These writings include articles and books published by TLR, the Grand Lodge of Texas, other Masonic organizations, and public presses, which indicates the breadth of influence these scholars have had on the Masonic fraternity.

Mike Wiggins
Full Member & Past Master

TLR Fellows

Recipient Year
Dr. James David Carter (Deceased) Elected
02 Dec. 1961
Dr. Donavon Duncan Tidwell (Deceased) Elected
19 March 1966
Florian Arthur Kleinschmidt (Deceased) Elected
20 March 1971
Dr. Christopher LaFayette York (Deceased) Elected
17 March 1973
Deed Lafayette Vest (Deceased) Elected
19 March 1977
Dr. George Henry Timothy French (Deceased) Elected
18 March 1978
Yancey Lewis Russell (Deceased) Elected
17 March 1984
Dr. William Preston Vaughn (Deceased) Elected
15 March 1986
Plez Avery Transou (Deceased) Elected
18 March 1989
John Edward (Jack) Kelly P.G.M. (Deceased) Elected
16 March 1991
J. Dexter Sammons (Deceased) Elected
10 Sept. 1994
Dr. Howard R. Stewart (Deceased) Elected
25 Sept. 1999
Leonard P. Harvey, P.G.M. (Deceased) Elected
15 June 2002
Pierre G. Normand, Jr. Elected
02 Sept. 2003
Michael L. Wiggins, P.G.M. Elected
16 Sept. 2006
S. Brent Morris Elected
18 Sept. 2010
Reese L. Harrison, Jr., P.G.M. Elected
15 Dec. 2018