Texas Lodge of Research (TLR) that we all enjoy today is the product of many insightful individuals and over 50 years of preparation. Of the many brothers responsible for the first fifty years of success, two brothers, R.W. Robert Bruce Brannon and James David Carter, were most influential in forming Texas Lodge of Research. They, along with the zeal of the Texas Tech Masonic Guild, forged to form a research society…. Click Here to read more.

Bradley Scott Billings, Full Member


TEXAS GRAND LODGE LAWS and TLR by-laws provide that a Full Member may wear a cloth replica of the Republic of Texas lambskin apron. This was the apron worn by Sam Houston, Anson Jones and other members of the Grand Lodge during the years Texas was a sovereign nation.

To become a FULL MEMBER a brother must prepare a suitable research paper, have it accepted by the Editorial Committee and present it before the Lodge. If the paper is well received he will be invited to FULL MEMBERSHIP by the other FULL MEMBERS present. Only FULL MEMBERS can hold elective office in TEXAS LODGE of RESEARCH.

THE WHITE APRON has a gold border with a gold five pointed star embroidered in the center. The letters G.L.R.T. across the bottom of the apron stand for “Grand Lodge of the Republic of Texas.” The All-Seeing Eye is emblazoned on the bib.

MEMBERS AND ASSOCIATES can proudly show their affiliation with Texas Lodge of Research by wearing the TLR lapel pin. The gold pin is beautifully finished in white enamel depicting the apron design.

TLR Apron