Welcome to Texas Lodge of Research

TEXAS LODGE OF RESEARCH is a statewide Masonic lodge, instituted December 4, 1958 at Waco, Texas “for the purpose of promoting, encouraging, conducting and fostering Masonic research and study.”

TLR MEETS at least four times per year, usually on the third Saturday of December, March, June and September. Meetings are held throughout the state, and have ranged from Amarillo to Brownsville and from Beaumont to El Paso.  Click here for information on our upcoming meetings.

ALL MASTER MASONS are welcomed and encouraged to attend the meetings of Texas Lodge of Research. Ladies and other guests are invited to dine with the brethren and to attend the open portion of the meetings at which histories and articles of Masonic interest are presented.

ANY MASTER MASON in good standing in a Texas Lodge or in a Lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of Texas may become a Member of Texas Lodge of Research.

Simply complete the linked petition and mail it with $35 ($36.25 if using PayPal) for your first year in TLR. As a Member, you will receive the Occasional Bulletin and a bound copy of the Lodge’s annual publication, The Transactions.

MASONIC LODGES, libraries, and other Masonic bodies also may join TLR as Associates. This allows groups of Masons to support the work of the Lodge and to receive The Transactions and other publications for their libraries.

WHEN A MEMBER presents a Lodge history, a Masonic biography, or an article or paper at a TLR meeting, he is eligible for elevation to Full Membership. Only Full Members may be elected to lodge offices.

TLR MAY ELECT one Full Member per year to the honorary title of “Fellow in Masonic Research” in recognition of distinguished service and accomplishments in the field of Masonic research.

ALTHOUGH many Masonic scholars throughout the state, across the nation and around the world are members of Texas Lodge of Research, anyone who is interested in the history, philosophy and symbolism of Freemasonry will find the publications of TLR of great interest. They are easy to read and indispensable to any serious Masonic library.

APPROXIMATELY 1300 MASONS just like you count on Texas Lodge of Research for outstanding items of Masonic interest. Hundreds more join each year.