Gemmel Breakfast

In 1976, Texas Lodge of Research (TLR) began a breakfast event during the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Texas. This event was originally conceived as a way for TLR members to enjoy breakfast and avoid lengthy restaurant waits associated with the Annual Communications. In time, the breakfast became an annual event featuring prominent Masonic speakers from throughout the United States. Following his death, the lodge named the event the Kenneth D. Gemmell Memorial Breakfast in recognition of his role in the establishment of the breakfast and being the first breakfast speaker. The breakfast was discontinued in 1996 due to the increase of breakfast establishments in Waco and competition from other breakfast events during the Annual Communication. Gemmell Lecturers

Mike Wiggins
Full Member & Past Master


  • Kenneth D. Gemmell, 1976
  • Dr. D. D. Tidwell, 1977
  • Drs. D. D. Tidwell and George H. T. French, 1978
  • T. J. Burnett, Jr., 1980
  • Lee M. Eastbum, 1981
  • Dr. George H. T. French, 1982
  • Dr. Christopher L. York, 1983
  • James Adams, 1984
  • Plez A. Transou, 1985
  • Ron Brinkman, P.G.M., (NM) 1986
  • John E.(Jack) Kelly, G.M., 1987
  • Earl L. Wunder, G.M. (AZ), 1988
  • Leonard P. Harvey, G.M., 1989
  • Robert G. Davis (OK), 1990
  • Joseph E. Bennett, 1991
  • Ron Blue (IL), 1992
  • R. O.(Bob) Schnell, G.M., 1993
  • Robert F. Hannon, P.G.M. (AZ), 1994
  • Gerald H. Lankin, G.M. (AZ), 1995
  • Dov B Peles, 1996