The James David Carter Award

One of the objectives of Texas Lodge of Research is to promote Masonic research papers of extraordinary quality. To this end, Texas Lodge of Research has established the James D. Carter Literary Excellence Award. The award is presented to the authors of papers which, when presented and published, enhance the image and reputation of the lodge. Authors producing papers worthy of this commendation receive a suitable plaque in recognition of their exceptional work. Recipients of the James D. Carter Literary Excellence Award.

Jim McCrae
Full Member & Carter Award Recipient

Volume Year Recipient
Vol. XXII 1986-1987 Dr. George Henry Timothy French, PM
Vol. XXIII 1987-1988 J. Dexter Sammons, PM
Vol. XXIV 1988-1989 Dr. William Preston Vaughn, PM
Vol. XXV 1989-1990 Dr. Michael L. Wiggins, PM
Vol. XXVI 1990-1991 Pete Martinez, PM
Vol. XXVII 1991-1992 Dr. Howard R. Stewart, PM
Vol. XXIX 1993-1995 Clifford L. Acker, PM
Vol. XXX 1995-1996 Paul J. Rich
Vol. XXXI 1996-1997 Roland J. Maddox
Vol. XXXII 1997-1998 Ross Cox, Sr., PM
Vol. XXXIV 1999-2000 Douglas Collins, PM
Vol. XXXV 2000-2001 Bruce G. Chabot
Vol. XXXVI 2001-2002 Gordon W. Kelso, PM
Vol. XXXVIII 2003-2004 Michael Berryman Smith
Vol. XXXIX 2004-2005 David B. Dibrell, PGM, PM
Vol. XL 2005-2006 Mark K. Dermit
Vol. XLI 2006-2007 Brian R. Dodson, PGM, PM
Vol. XLII 2007-2008 Monty R. McMinn, M.D.
Vol. XLIII 2008-2009 James M. McCrae
Vol. XLIV 2009-2010 Darron Ross
Vol. XLVII 2013-2014 Christopher D. Livingston, PM
Vol. XLVIII 2014-2015 Pierre G. Normand Jr., PM
Vol. XLIX 2015-2016 Christian D. Moore, PM
Vol. L 2016-2017 Richard Schlaudroff, PM