Anson Jones Lecture

The Anson Jones Lecture is one of the most prestigious Lectures in the Masonic world. Second only to England’s Prestonian Lectures (which commenced in 1820), the Anson Jones Lecture brings with it a membership in the Texas Lodge of Research. But it brings much more. Being asked to deliver the Lecture tells the recipient that he has been recognized as a Masonic scholar. It tells him that someone has noticed what he has written, and noticed it favorably. It is a sign of coming of age was a writer in Freemasonry; it is extremely flattering. Small wonder that the typical reaction of a lecturer upon being invited to deliver the Lecture is, “Who, me?”

Jim Tresner
Full Member & Past Anson Jones Lecturer


  • Alphonse Cerza, Riverside, Illinois 1977
  • Dwight L. Smith, P.G.M. (IN) Franklin, Indiana 1978
  • Stewart M. L. Pollard, Columbia, Maryland 1979
  • James R. Case, Wallingford, Connecticut 1980
  • Allen E. Roberts, Highland Springs, Virginia 1981
  • Bruce Hunt, P.G.M. (MO) Kirksville, Missouri 1982
  • Wallace Edmond McLeod, Toronto, Canada 1983
  • Terrence O. Haunch, Surrey, England 1984
  • Forrest DeLoss Haggard, Kansas City, Kansas 1985
  • John R. Nocas, Inglewood, California 1986
  • John M. Hamill, London, England 1987
  • Dr. S. Brent Morris, Columbia, Maryland 1988
  • The Rev. William H. Stempcr, Jr., New York City 1989
  • Dr. Rex R. Hutchens, Tuscon, Arizona, 1990
  • Christopher Haffner, Hong Kong 1991
  • Nathaniel T. Granstein, Paris, France 1992
  • R. A. Gilbert, Bristol, England 1993
  • John L. Cooper, III, G.S. (Calif) 1994
  • Dr. James T. Tresner, II, Guthrie, Oklahoma 1995
  • Robert G. Davis (OK) 1996
  • Thomas W. Jackson, G.S. (Penn) 1997
  • Dr. William L. Fox, District of Columbia 1998
  • Jack E. Hightower, PGM, Texas 1999
  • Richard H. Curtis, Massachusetts 2000
  • Robert D. L. Cooper, Edinburgh, Scotland 2001
  • Dr. William P. Vaughn, Denton, Texas 2002
  • James W. Daniel, London, England 2003
  • Sean Graystone, Santa Fe, New Mexico 2004
  • Stuart Cowan, PGM, Hawaii 2005
  • Ronald A. Seale, 33°, Grand Commander AASR, SJ, Washington, D.C. 2006
  • Mark A. Tabbert, Washington, D. C. 2007
  • Dr. Gary Leazer, Stone Mountain, Georgia 2008
  • Richard E. Fletcher, Silver Spring, MD 2009
  • Michael A. Halleran, Emporia, KS 2010
  • Dennis M. Zahrt Bettendorf, IA 2011
  • Randall L. Rogers, PGM Oklahoma 2012
  • Joe R. Manning, PGM Oklahoma 2013
  • Michael R. Poll, New Orleans, LA 2014
  • Arturo de Hoyos, Washington, DC 2015
  • Joe Wages, Plano, TX 2016
  • Joe Harrison, PGM Tennessee